The following section provides all the basic information regarding warranty and complaints.

We offer 24-month manufacturer’s warranty for all our products.

A complaint can be made under the:  

  1. Statutory Warranty (a statutory way of claiming compensation from the seller) 

  2. Warranty (a voluntary obligation of the seller, importer or manufacturer pertaining to the product quality) 

As a Consumer you are obliged to choose the basis for the complaint.

Statutory Warranty:

Under the Statutory Warranty the Seller takes responsibility regarding the Buyer for physical and legal defects of the product.

An item has a physical defect if it:

  • Does not have properties it is supposed to have
  • Does not have properties assured by the seller or the advertisement.
  • Is not fit for the aim as informed by the Seller
  • Is incomplete
  • Is improperly installed or started. A legal defect is when a sold product belongs to a third party or is encumbered with third party’s rights. Under the Statutory Warranty rights, the consumer may demand:
  • A replacement for a new product
  • A product repair
  • A price reduction
  • Withdraw from a contract – If the fault is significant When deciding upon the above mentioned demands, remember about the following rules: You cannot demand withdrawal from contract if the fault is insignificant. If you demand a price reduction, you should specify the value by which the price is to be reduced. For your complaint to be addressed, you should send it to or mailbox (please provide the order number in the subject)


Wiener Neustädter straße 18

2940 Ebenfurth.

To facilitate the complaint process, please provide the following information:

  • Order number or a scanned proof of purchase.
  • Description of the defect.
  • A picture of the defect, the whole item, together with the packaging it was delivered with.
  • In case of damaged shipment – a scan of the damaged package claim, which was filled in in the presence of the courier (it should include the information regarding the damaged package).

We shall address the complaint within 14 days of receiving the claim.

In case of recognizing a complaint, the product will be repaired or replaced for one without defects, and if it is impossible – we will make a full refund to a specified customer’s bank account number.

We wish to remind you that we do not accept COD shipments. In case of recognizing a complaint the cost of courier fee incurred while sending the faulty goods will be returned immediately after receiving the shipment and acknowledging the complaint.

The model complaint form can be downloaded by clicking on the link


All products offered by store are covered by the MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

The warranty is a voluntary obligation of the warrantor and he is the one who specifies its contents. The warrantor decides whether the warranty will be granted and the scope of responsibility the products are subject to. The seller does not have to be the Warrantor – it can be the manufacturer or the distributor.

You shall be informed about the existence of the warranty during the issuing of the goods at the latest.

The ordered product is sent to you together with the proof of purchase (an invoice or a receipt), as well as a warranty card, which includes the warranty terms and conditions (note: the warranty terms and conditions may be printed directly on the product packaging or in the instruction manual)


  • Make sure you keep the proof of purchase (an invoice or a receipt) as well as the original packaging until the warranty period has finished, specified in the warranty card or the product description.
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions of warranty included in the warranty card or the manufacturer’s website.
  • In case of detecting a fault in a product purchased in our store and covered by warranty contact our complaints department at office@sessel-stuhl.
  • The obligation of delivering the subject of complaint. For the complaint to be be processed, the seller must have the possibility to verify the validity of the claim by acknowledging the existence of the fault and providing the reason for its occurrence. Therefore, you – as a consumer have an obligation to deliver the purchased product to the seller. If your complaint is recognized, we shall return the costs of delivering the product.

In case of questions contact our Complaints Department: